Sharon's Wig Salon Backlash

BROOKFIELD - Amy Seckinger and her sister-in-law Allison Zeibell say they went the Sharon's Wig Salon yesterday afternoon in Brookfield to shop for wigs.

Zeibell has a brain tumor. The two women say they received terrible customer service, and harsh comments were made towards them.

They claim one employee said to Zeibell \"I hope all of your hair falls out.\" Zeibell wrote about her experience on her blog, and it has turned into an online firestorm.

The owner of Sharon's Wig Salon is denying these accusations. CBS58 spotted a police officer at the business Friday afternoon speaking with the owner and employees. The salon's telephones had been ringing non-stop. Sharon Heyden, the owner of the wig salon says she and her employees have been harassed by people who support Zeibell.

Seckinger told CBS58 she believes that Heyden is only denying the accusations to save her business. She went onto say people should not harass anyone at the hair salon. They appreciate the community's support.

Zeibell wasn't available to speak with us tonight. Seckinger says her son is battling the flu, and had to be taken to the emergency room.

This is a link to Allison Zeibell's blog where she wrote about her accounts at the salon.

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