Share-A-Pair helps fit people for the future

BROOKFIELD -- It's time to dig.  Not out of a snow bank.  But dig out some shoes.  The Share-A-Pair program is back in Milwaukee.

\"Whatever we can do.\"

To help fit people's feet for the future.

\"What we do best is shoes,\" Megan Sajdak, the marketing director at Stan's Fit For Your Feet, said.  \"So how can we give shoes to others so that's where we started share-a-pair.\"

Share-A-Pair keeps growing.  The program started eight years ago through Stan's Fit For Your Feet. 

\"Every year we get more and more shoes.\"


They've collected more than 165,000 shoes.

\"There can be a life after the life you've had with that shoe.\"

Kim Cramer came in to donate. 

\"I thought it was a good opoprtunity to bring them in and share them,\" Cramer said.

She gave a pair of sandals and planned to buy a new pair too.

\"We have plenty. It's really important to share and to show love towards other people.\"

Her message resonates with others involved in Share-A-Pair.  The shoes go to Soles4Souls which is a worldwide operation - but the majority stay local at Repairers of the Breach and Father Gene's Help Center.

\"The happiness that the receipients are going to show us,\" Deacon Don Borkowski, the executive director of Father Gene's Help Center, said.  \"Many times you can just read the expression  on their faces when they received the clothes from Father Gene's. They're so gratified to receive them.\"

Keeping it local is important.  Especially for Stan's.

\"It's just been a real strong part of what we do as a family owned and locally owned business.\"

Those involved know there's a lot of feet to fit across southeast Wisconsin.

\"There's individuals right down the street that don't have shoes,\" Sajdak said.  \"We have the need here so we do what we can to help Milwaukee.\"

And when someone gets that new pair, It's like...

\"A family at Christmas time, it's that same expression that we look for and that we really see.\"

The Share-A-Pair program runs through March 31.  You can drop gently used shoes off at any three Stan's Fit For Your Feet locations in Brookfield, Glendale, or Greenfield.

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