Sewer Construction Related to New Bucks Arena Starts

The Milwaukee Bucks will be submitting a more detailed plan for their new arena on Thursday afternoon but construction related to the project has already started.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation confirmed sewer work on McKinley Avenue, Juneau Avenue, 5th Street, and 6th Street are all part of sewer upgrades necessary for the arena project.

It's part of a $3.88 million sewer project expected for completion mid-June. That's when more construction will start on a six story parking structure and a new bucks training facility in the same area.

Compare all that with the somewhat longer timeline for the $500 million arena slated to open in August of 2018. The team says a construction manager for the project will be named in the coming days.

Students at nearby MATC said that already the traffic is getting rough and they're preparing for how bad it will be when construction's at its peak.

"Just get to school on time a little bit more earlier. Just wake up like an hour earlier cause it's going to be packed," sophomore Jaquan Holiday said.

The lead architects on the project have already been selected: Populous Architects Inc. out of Kansas City, Missouri.

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