Senior Chihuahua looking for hospice home

Krystal is a 13-year-old Chihuahua mix whose medical file is certainly taller than she is. She has a heart murmur, severe dental disease, missing teeth, possible mammary tumors, ocular issues, limited vision in her left eye, and is too high-risk for spay surgery. What her vet records *don’t* show is how alert, energetic, social, and affectionate this tiny trooper is. She’s an absolute sweetheart at the Wisconsin Humane Society's Racine Campus and they’re committed to finding her a guardian who can provide hospice-like care from the comfort of her own home until her time comes.

She’s not showing any urgent symptoms right now and is comfortable, but would be infinitely happier in a loving home environment. If you know a special someone who can give Krystal the compassion she needs for however long she has left, please have them call the WHS Racine Campus at 262-554-6699 or stop by today!

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