Senior centers make changes to ensure virus stays out of their facilities

WAUKESHA, WI (CBS 58) – The daily developments and confirmed cases of COVID-19 have senior centers making changes.

Officials in the industry of senior care around our area tell us they’re taking more precautions to make sure the virus stays out of their facilities.

“We began yesterday in Waukesha County and today in Milwaukee County limiting visitor access to only those who are essential,” says Beth Anderson, executive vice president of Laureate Group.

Oak Hill Terrace is a part of the Laureate Group. They serve about 1800 seniors and have about 600 employees between their sites in Waukesha and Milwaukee.

As of last week, they had stopped sharing employees between their six sites.

Now, all visitors are screened including essential personnel like the mailman and lab techs.

“We have four questions that we talk to people about in terms of how they feel, where they’ve been, and we’re still going to think about access even in an essential person as appropriate,” says Anderson. “It wouldn’t surprise me if we start taking temperatures on those people, but we’re not that far today.”

They’ve limited entry into the building for employees and are taking their temperatures, if deemed appropriate by the nurse.

“This is actually a recommendation out of the Department of Health and Family Services,” says Anderson. “They are also working in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control.”

The company says they’ve been discussing options for employees with school aged children and what could be done to help them be at work caring for the residents, if schools and daycares close.

Anderson says they’ve been taking things hour by hour.

They’ll still have their celebrations for birthdays and Saint Patrick’s Day, but on a smaller scale with fewer entertainers.

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