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Senator Jonhson fields questions from students in New Berlin

NEW BERLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It wasn't a town hall, but a school auditorium where Senator Ron Johnson fielded questions on Friday.

The Republican Senator from Wisconsin spent some time at New Berlin West Middle and High School Friday morning.

Johnson gave kids a chance to talk about anything they wanted from government, to education, journalism and beyond.

The very first student opened up about losing his father to a heroin overdose. “That was pretty poignant. I wasn't expecting that. It is a message I've been carrying for the last few years, having really gotten involved in the tragedy of this opiate crisis,” Johnson said after the event.

Senator Johnson told CBS 58 afterward that he ran out of time to get out a new health care bill, but that he hasn't given up even with all the recent focus on tax reform.

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