Security Expert Brian Dorow says most businesses don't have a plan to respond to workplace violence

NOW: Security Expert Brian Dorow says most businesses don’t have a plan to respond to workplace violence

It has happened again.

A gunman enters a business and opens fire, killing several former co-workers before taking his own life.

As that scenario played out in Orlando, Florida, the Dean of Homeland Security instruction at Waukesha County Technical College says an alarming number of businesses have no plan to respond to such an incident.

"I was at a recent conference that has shown less 20% of businesses actually have a plan in place to address the response.," Dorow said in an interview for the CBS 58 News at 4. "There's no cost involved. There's a lot of information online. I don't think they're taking it seriously enough."

Dorow for years has been talking about run, fight hide.

It's a motto brought about when mass shootings first came into our living rooms on the television news.

Years later, he's urging companies to be more proactive.

"We know it's hard to prevent these things. Because if somebody is so determined on hurting somebody else, whether they do it with knife, explosive, a gun, chances are if there isn't intervention, they will at least attempt. You need to stop it and protect your employee."s

In the meantime, he says workers must be prepared to act in the name of their own safety.

"Awareness," is Dorow's answer plain and simple.

He says it is especially important while at large venues.

"Look for that person who stands out. Something doesn't fit."

Dorow said it could be as simple as somebody wearing a lot of clothing on a hot day. Perhaps as a way to conceal a weapon.

He says one of the main challenges will be getting family and friends who had prior knowledge to speak up and turn in their loved ones.

For the general public, the advice is clear; have an escape route.

"If something happens here, how do I exit?  Just simply looking around. Know how to clear the area. It could be life saving."

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