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Security at local government buildings questioned after Ottawa shooting

 Milwaukee City Hall is open the public and many people cycle through on a daily basis.  

City Hall does not have metal detectors or guards waiting at the doors like other government buildings in Milwaukee.  

Sheriff David Clarke says he insists on having armed deputies at all the Milwaukee County Courthouse entrances. He claims a gun got by the unarmed security last year.  

He says he's \"bewildered\" that city hall has no security presence at the doors.  

The Mayor's office says City Hall has officers stationed in the city treasurer office but also has paid security who monitors the lobby area.  

Mayor Barrett says he's not concerned about the lack of metal detectors saying he wants to keep government buildings open to the public.

\"It has come from up from time to time,\" Mayor Barrett said.  \"As really as you know, City Hall is an anomaly because the county building and the federal building both have detectors. But we've made a decision as long as we can we're going to keep it open to the public.\"

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele says the county spends around $1.5 million a year on security guards at the county courthouse.  The metal detectors and screeners at the courthouse are covered under that amount too.
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