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Sebelius visits Milwaukee clinic that enrolled ten people, says states could run exchanges better

MILWAUKEE -- With the Obama administration still reeling over the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was in Milwaukee Friday.

The Lisbon Avenue Health Center has helped about 10 people sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.  Sebelius toured the facility and saw what it's like for those struggling to enroll.

\"I did try it before on my own a few times and wasn't able to successfully get through,\" 23-year-old Noelle Stordock said.

Stordock tried and failed a few times on healthcare.gov.

\"I kind of got discouraged.\"

But after a few failures, the Lisbon Avenue Health Center helped her enroll in a new plan.  She has a pre-existing condition.

\"I had tried two or three times to get health insurance and either I couldn't because of my pre-existing condition, otherwise the insurance would have been over $500.\"

She's one of the few success stories from a local clinic.  Patchwork fixes from Washington have also caused confusion. Sebelius is at the center of it all.  She faced questioning about all the issues facing the healthcare law.

\"I don't think that's surprising,\" To hear so few have enrolled at the Milwaukee clinic.

\"This isn't buying a toaster,\" Sebelius said.   \"It's figuring out if your doctor is in the health plan you, what about your prescription drugs, what about the hospital, will it cover these benefits.\"

Sebelius defended President Obama's decision to let people keep plans, even if they'd been canceled.

\"At the end of the day, people who may see a financial disadvantage by steppnig into a fully insured product in the marketplace can have a transition year.\"

Sebelius did acknowledge state's could run the marketplace better than the feds.

\"I'd love to put the federal government out of business quickly because I think state based insurance is better run at the state level and we're hoping more states will take a look at that option and we can pass the baton to them.\"


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