Search continues for gunmen who shot 10-year-old on school playground

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are looking for the gunmen responsible for seriously injuring a 10-year-old girl as she enjoyed an evening at her neighborhood playground this week.

Sierra Guyton continues to be treated at Children's Hospital, and police say they've identified one of the two suspects believed to be responsible and are looking for both individuals. 

Guyton was shot in the head as she played near 25th and Clarke streets Wednesday evening. She made it through surgery, but doctors say there's a \"50/50\" chance of survival.

Relatives said normally Sierra would be inside watching television, but she visited the playground Wednesday, on one of the nicest days the area has seen this season.

Police say the suspects began shooting at each other right near the school.

Sierra, caught in the exchange, was shot within moments of going outside.

Family members remain at the hospital, hoping and praying for her recovery.

She has two brothers and a sister.

Sierra is one of three children wounded by gunfire in Milwaukee in the past six weeks. 

Elected leaders and officials continue to voice their frustration with widespread gun violence in the city.

Local faith leaders have also announced summer initiatives they are working on to curb violence in the city this summer. 


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