School board in Sheboygan votes to adopt new policy allowing resources officers to wear body cameras

NOW: School board in Sheboygan votes to adopt new policy allowing resources officers to wear body cameras

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Sheboygan students could soon see police wearing body cameras in the halls and in classrooms.

The Sheboygan School Board is discussing how the officers would use the cameras at the middle and high schools, without violating students.

The School Board voted unanimously to adopt the new policy which allows resource officers to wear body cameras on 8 Sheboygan school campuses.

"Some of the feedback I did receive is that it would protect the students as well as protect the police officers so it would look like a win-win situation for both of them," said Marsha Reinfelder, President of the Board of Education in Sheboygan.

In October, The Sheboygan Police Department implemented the use of body cameras for their officers, including school resource officers. The new policy lists the times when the cameras will be used.

"One would be if they are under investigation of a student, number two would be if they are in an area where they see there is trouble going on or an issue or three, if they have an encounter which would escalate, they would turn their body cameras on," said Seth Harvantine, Assistant Superintendent, Student and Instructional Services.

The body cameras wouldn't be used in sensitive or private areas like bathrooms or locker rooms. To protect student's privacy, the video would stay in police custody unless requested by the school.

"It's one of our behavior records that could mean different access by the community. In this case, it's a law enforcement record and that was very important to us," Harvantine said.

The video recordings could also become part of a student's permanent record if the school had to take disciplinary action. 

School officials say the policy still needs to be revised before the cameras can record on school grounds.

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