School apologizes after basketball team wins game 93-7

EAST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. (CBS News) -- The girls basketball team at East Bridgewater High School won its playoff opener by a score of 93-7, CBS Boston reports. The Vikings defeated the Madison Park girls in the first round of the tournament on Wednesday.

Following the game, East Bridgewater Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Legault apologized for the blowout win, The Enterprise in Brockton reports.

"This is not a reflection of our student body or our athletic program," Legault said, calling the win "an unfortunate situation."

East Bridgewater led Madison Park 48-4 at halftime, then outscored them 45-3 in the second half.

"The final score is going to be 93, East Bridgewater, Madison Park 7, believe it or not," the announcer calling the game said as the final seconds ticked off the clock.

Legault said she hopes the game will bring "a thoughtful reflection" leaders of the athletic program.

"I'm happy we're in the tournament," Legault told The Enterprise. "But of course no one likes that type of score. I'm hoping this game will bring a thoughtful reflection from our program leaders."

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