Scamming Goes Up When Temperatures Plummet

Authorities across the Midwest and East are warning homeowners and businesses to watch out for scams tied to the cold weather.  In fact recently, scammers have been targeting  people in the Madison, Wisconsin area, threatening to shut off their electricity if payment is not made within hours through a pre-paid card.  This scam is called the Green Dot Scam.  Keep in mind many utility companies don't even take pre-paid cards from its customers. 

If you ever have any doubt, just call your power company directly.  Also, please remember, Wisconsin has a moratorium from November 1 through April 15.  In other words, your power can't be shut off during this time.

Some of the scammers use something called \"spoofing technology.\"  This is where a utility company's phone number will show up on the person's caller ID even though the company isn't the one making the call. 

The experts also tell folks to never give out your social security number over the phone. Also, never give your personal information to anyone on the phone or by email, no matter how convincing they may sound and please don't send money to anyone in exchange for a prize. 

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