Saukville plant sees OSHA violations for employee burns

It's been six months since seven workers were burned in a spray of molten metal at Johnson Brass and Machine in Saukville. The company now has steep fines from OSHA. 

OSHA issued Johnson Brass and Machine Foundry with two serious violations, one for not recognizing hazards that were likely to cause injury or death. The second was for not providing machine guarding to protect employees from hazards.

Ann Grevenkamp, OSHA Milwaukee's Assistant Director says the machine guard is on the top ten list for what companies violate.

\"There could be a situation where a guard prevents a burn prevents a splash, but like i said, it's something incredibly basic and something that can prevent a lot of employee injuries.\"

Sadly Grevenkamp says many of our areas other workplace accidents also fall on the top ten list, but the accidents keep happening.

\"Falls off of a roof because we're not using any protection, another common one we see is chemical exposure.\"

Not offering protective gear or planning out forklift traffic are all common along with what Johnson Brass and Machine Foundry is cited for. The company wouldn't tell us if they made any changes, only that, quote-\"We will meet with OSHA representatives to further discuss the alleged allegations.\"

Grevenkamp hopes OSHA's top ten list helps other employers open their eyes. You can view that list HERE.

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