Sad ritual for families of Milwaukee murder victims



MILWAUKEE-Gregory Lewis, Asst. Pastor St Gabriel Church  says it is as simple as this, \"There have been more than 100 homicides in the city of Milwaukee, that is unacceptable.\"

Candles burned brightly representing each of the lives snuffed out by violence this past year.


As many gather with family, count their blessing, and plan for an exciting new year, on Monday night

the family members of murder victims contemplate in the pews of St Gabriel church of what can be done to try and prevent others from going through this sad ritual.

Arlene Patterson Prescott lost her son in 2006. \"This is a daily struggle,\" she told CBS 58 News. \"I deal every day with waking up and I'm sad, but as the day progresses  I think about my son in a positive manner. And I'm always going to remember my son had a bright smile he was a positive individual He had a very good character and was loved by the whole community.\"

It was back in 2006 that Arlene Patterson Prescott first lit a candle for her son Nehemiah.

Regretfully, she's here to rally around friends who just this year are now walking in her footsteps.

Pastors and community organizers alike point to unemployment, education poverty,  the same old issues still plaguing our streets.

Even though, at times, it may seem like we're not making any progress, to give up and not try would be the ultimate crime.


\"The first step is bringing attention to the situation,\" Asst. Pastor Lewis said.

\"We need to bring peace to Milwaukee,\" Patterson Prescott added.


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