Ryan Spokesman Says the Speaker "will not accept a nomination" if GOP Asks Him to Run for President

As Donald Trump inches closer to the GOP presidential nomination, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan's name is again coming up.

Wednesday former Speaker of the House, John Boehner, threw his support behind the current house speaker.

A Ryan spokesman responded, "Congressman Ryan is grateful for the support, but he is not interested. He will not accept a nomination and believes our nominee should be someone who ran this year."

UW-Milwaukee political expert, Mordecai Lee, said he believes the Republican Party is looking for a way to derail Trump's path to the nomination. Lee said, "I think what's going on here is that the establishment of the party, the moderates of the party, the leadership of the party don't like Donald Trump because of obvious reasons; and also don't like Senator Cruz."

Lee also points out Ryan was not thrilled to take his current job. "He said that no I don't want to be Speaker, I don't want to be Speaker; but eventually the respect of his colleagues and the pressure from his colleagues got him to change his mind." Lee said.

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