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Rule enforcement questioned as local bars, restaurants open with restrictions

NOW: Rule enforcement questioned as local bars, restaurants open with restrictions


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Bars and restaurants are back open in the city, with certain conditions.

But just how many are following the rules?

Right now they are allowed to be open with only 25% capacity, but some were saying there were bars filled over the weekend.

“I think people are definitely eager to be out,” said Nina Janis who works as a bartender downtown.

Jankis said she saw long lines outside some bars, but most were following the 25% rule. “I saw Brady Street coming home from work, just -- there was definitely a lot of people out, definitely more than I’ve seen in a while,” said Jankis.

“Technically it’s around 60, but we are doing 50 is where we are capping it, 50-55 just to be safe,” said Jojo Lutkus, a manager at Steny’s.

Lutkus says they removed tables and stools to help conform to the rules.

“Luckily Steny’s is a huge bar, so our 25% at least could get a decent amount where some of these smaller bars, 25% is like 6 people,” said Lutkus.

We talked to several people who were out over the weekend who say bars tried to keep the numbers down, but it was hard to keep people apart.

“As far as distancing, that’s obviously something that’s hard to monitor, but I think people were doing the best that they could,” said Lauren Misna, who was out celebrating her birthday.

As for how it’s enforced, the mayor’s office referred us to the police department. They didn’t get back to us.

We also reached out to the Tavern League about that rule, but have not heard back.

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