Roller coaster temperatures return to start a new workweek

NOW: Roller coaster temperatures return to start a new workweek

Every day so far this January has been above-average and four out of the first five days made it into the 40s. January only average five days in the 40s so already seeing four is impressive. Temperatures for the second week of the month will be a little more up and down, but overall staying mild. 

Monday likely brings us our fifth day in the 40s but then we cool into the 30s Tuesday and 20s Wednesday for likely our first below-average day of the month. Temps rebound quickly Thursday before going back down as we head into the weekend.

The temp trend for the middle of January keeps us barely mild with a 30-40% chance of above-average temps. Some cooler air is knocking on our doorstep to our west.

Although last January was remembered for its extreme cold, it wasn't until the third week of the month that temperatures started to cool. We will see if this January follows a similar pattern. Download the CBS 58 Ready Weather app to get the first hints of any cold air in the 10-day forecast.

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