"Roll Jam" Technology Helping Thieves Break Into Cars, Homes

There's an alarming new way thieves are breaking into cars and even your home. Most people lock their cars with a remote key,
but now detectives say thieves have a device called a "Roll Jam" which can steal the code exchanged between your car and the remote.
It actually happened to a TV station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where tens of thousands of dollars worth of TV equipment was stolen out of one of the news trucks. 

The device also can steal the code to your garage door and let thieves into your home. There is an easy fix --make sure the door to your home from the garage is locked. For your car, simply lock the doors using the locks inside your vehicle, or do it the old fashion way and lock your doors with a key from the outside. The good news -- most newer cars have technology in place to block the "roll jam" from working. Still, officials warn that there are many still on the road that could be vulnerable to this hack.

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