RNC Chair: Trump better for Wisconsin workers than Biden because of 'America First' trade policies

RNC Chair: Trump better for Wisconsin workers than Biden because of ’America First’ trade policies

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- For the second consecutive night, the Trump Victory campaign held a "MAGA meetup" in southeast Wisconsin, focusing on faith at a Milwaukee event Tuesday, Aug. 25.

“I love our city, and I love the Lord, and I want to see unity come to our city,” attendee Shara Feldhusen said.

Trump has consistently polled well with evangelicals, but he has consistently polled poorly with Black voters. Tuesday's event was held at the Black Voices for Trump Community Center in Milwaukee. 

Trump pardoned a bank robber turned activist in Jon Ponder Tuesday night.

Pastor Jerome Smith, who hosted Milwaukee’s event, compared that to Joe Biden, who authored the controversial 1994 crime bill.

“You’ve got somebody who’s been locking people up, throwing away the key if they could, and you’ve got somebody who’s been trying to free people," Smith said. "You be the judge on who you should actually be electing into office.”

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said the president has brought better trade deals than his predecessor. In an interview with CBS 58, she contrasted Trump's record with the Obama/Biden administration.

“They allowed China to take advantage of our country," McDaniel said. "They’ve allowed other countries to take advantage of our country. Trump ran saying we can do better, and when I go into a trade deal, I’m going to negotiate for Americans first.”

McDaniel said the president's record on jobs speaks for itself against Biden's.

“We know that Joe Biden did not do that when he was vice president, so that’s a clear contrast. And when President Trump came to my state of Michigan, and when he comes to Wisconsin and he said we need to put America first, and our trade deals need to be about American workers and American jobs, it wasn’t a talking point because he’s actually delivered."

Rep Bryan Steil, R-WI, will be hosting a "MAGA meetup" for the Trump campaign in Janesville Wednesday.

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