Riverwest woman becomes robbery victim after teens threaten her inside her own car

NOW: Riverwest woman becomes robbery victim after teens threaten her inside her own car

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Riverwest woman is speaking out after becoming the victim of a frightening robbery on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

She shared her story, and her message, only with CBS 58.

The victim, Kimberly, was sitting in front of her home, and in her car, on the phone with her mom.

That’s when the unexpected happened near Bremen and Auer.

It was just after five p.m., and her Ring doorbell briefly recorded three teen boys walking down her block.

“I didn’t think too much of it. But about two minutes later, they turned around and physically got into my car," she said.

She then explained that one of the teens opened her car door, got into her passenger side seat and demanded her belongings.

He took her phone, but her keys weren’t as easy to find.

“Once they had my phone that’s when I opened my side door and I just yelled as loud as I could and said, 'someone help me, call the police, I’ve been robbed,'" she detailed.

Passersby heard her screams and rushed over to help.

The three teens had run off, but that didn’t stop their mission.

She said that, about five minutes later, they used her phone to hack into her Ring doorbell and make another threat.

“They threatened us and said $500 for your phone or we will shoot up your house," she said.

Milwaukee Police told CBS 58 they are looking into a “theft complaint”.

The woman said she is grateful no one was hurt, and wants others to stay vigilant.

“These (robberies) are not happening just at night, these are not happening at weird hours, they’re happening all the time and anywhere.”

If you know anything that could help, contact Milwaukee Police or remain anonymous via Crimestoppers at (414) 224-8477.

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