Riverwest resident fight back against DPW's new snow removal policy

NOW: Riverwest resident fight back against DPW’s new snow removal policy


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The city of Milwaukee handed out more than 3,000 parking tickets over the past two nights. The new snow operation rules are proving to be a headache for many. 

One man in Riverwest says he's fighting back against DPW's new snow removal policy, not because the rules have changed but because he doesn't feel he was properly informed ahead of time.

"I just feel like really? Now I gotta pay another $40? I just thought, I'm not doing it," said Riverwest resident Bjorn Nasett.

Riverwest resident Bjorn Nasett woke up Tuesday morning to a $40 ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street during the city's DPW operation for snow removal, something he says he's never experienced in 16 winters in Milwaukee.

"It has been no parking on the odd side of the street from December 1 through March 31 so I was under the assumption that was still going on," Nasett said.

Nasett has decided to contest the ticket, saying he and his neighbors were not properly notified of the change, saying he doesn't regularly use social media and says the street is not marked.

On Hadley Street, there are several signs with some sort of parking regulations or instructions but they have just been covered up.

"They basically took an old sign, slapped it over the other one and I don't even know what that means, even if I did look at it, I wouldn't have known."

Some neighbors want to know why the city wasn't more clear, one even suggested snail mail.

"It's just kind of hit and miss how people get their information and if you are changing something for the city, you're going to make money so take some of that money and send out letters," said Riverwest resident Michelle Decou.

"It's not right to just throw that at people and it's not a $25 ticket, it's $40," said Nasett.

Nasett says he has a date to dispute the ticket on Monday the 22nd. We've reached out to the city for more information and are waiting to hear back. 

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