Rittenhouse trial day 3: Kenosha detective takes the stand as jury is shown graphic videos of the shootings

NOW: Rittenhouse trial day 3: Kenosha detective takes the stand as jury is shown graphic videos of the shootings

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- On the third day of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, several graphic cellphone videos were played for the jury as the prosecutor walked them through the night, step-by-step.

For several hours, Kenosha police detective Martin Howard analyzed the videos from the stand, then the defense began its cross-examination. Rittenhouse did not show much emotion as the videos were played. At times he did not watch at all and just looked down.

Those cellphone videos were recorded by bystanders in the streets and show the moments before, during and after Rittenhouse shot three people, killing two of them.

Many of them showed the interaction between Rittenhouse and Joseph Rosenbaum, the man who was shot and killed first. One of the people filming was heard saying "Ooh, he shot him. He shot him, man," shortly after the first shooting.

The prosecution had Detective Howard establish Rosenbaum was unarmed in the moments before he was shot. Prosecutor Thomas Binger said, "Is there any indication that Mr. Rosenbaum had any weapon of any kind?" Detective Howard answered, "No." Binger asked, "No gun?" Howard replied, "I can only see a plastic bag that he's carrying." Binger asked, "So, no gun?" and Howard said, "No." "No knife?" Howard again said, "No."

The next videos showed Rittenhouse running from the Rosenbaum shooting, being chased by several people, falling to the ground and shooting two more people.

One of the people filming one of those videos was heard saying, "Right now, I'm not sure who got shot. We have two individuals that have been shot."

During cross-examination, the Rittenhouse Defense Attorney Mark Richards went back to the first shooting, and asked Detective Howard, "In your extensive review of the videos, there were numerous times where Mr. Rosenbaum was armed, correct?" Detective Howard replied, "I can recall him carrying a chain at one point."

Richards claimed Rittenhouse was threatened by people who would not leave him alone, and said, "Mr. Rosenbaum is running towards my client, and my client turns around and points the gun in his direction. Does not level it at him, but makes it very clear that he's armed, to Mr. Rosenbaum, correct?" Detective Howard responded, "Correct." Richards went on, saying, "And Mr. Rosenbaum is not dissuaded by that firearm and continues to chase after my client." Detective Howard said, "He stops briefly, and then continues to run."

The trial resumes Thursday morning when the defense will continue its cross-examination of Detective Howard.

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