Rittenhouse trial day 9: Defense rests, jury off until Monday, judge & attorneys prepare for closing arguments

NOW: Rittenhouse trial day 9: Defense rests, jury off until Monday, judge & attorneys prepare for closing arguments

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Thursday, all witnesses finished testifying in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and the jury will next hear closing arguments Monday. The defense rested its case, and the jury was then sent home for the weekend.

After a week and a half of emotionally draining testimony, both the state and the defense want a refreshed jury for closing arguments, slated to start Monday.

But before testimony ended Thursday, a video expert testified about the moments Kyle Rittenhouse pulled the trigger. Dr. John Black said none of the videos he showed had been altered. The cellphone videos of Joseph Rosenbaum's and Anthony Huber's shooting deaths were dissected frame-by-frame, pixel-by-pixel.

Dr. Black said, "Between the different things, I would say I have confidence in the different timing, plus or minus a tenth of a second."

He explained to the jury how he used visual and audio cues -like the gunshots- to sync up cellphone videos to create a comprehensive picture of both shooting scenes.

When the defense focused on the second scene, they allege there were three events. First, two shots were fired at an unidentified man who tried to kick Rittenhouse. Next, one shot was fired that hit Anthony Huber in the chest. And lastly, one shot was fired that hit Gaige Grosskreutz in the bicep.

In trying to show Rittenhouse was forced to shoot, the defense asked about timing. Dr. Black said, "Based on my analysis, the kick to the face occurred prior to the gunshot."

After the kick came the Anthony Huber shooting. On the stand Wednesday, Rittenhouse testified he felt Huber grabbing his gun when he was on the ground, before he shot Huber. Dr. Black examined the sequence in video that was slowed down to one-quarter speed, with the light levels enhanced.

Later, the defense also called to the stand Frank "Drew" Hernandez, a self-proclaimed professional protest commentator who testified to the Joseph Rosenbaum shooting. Hernandez said, "The first firearm goes off, Rosenbaum is already charging Kyle from behind. Attempts to throw a bag at him, not sure what's inside of it. Kyle is right at the corner there, at Car Source. And turns around and Rosenbaum is lunging towards him, clearly. And Kyle fires."

But on cross-examination, the state claimed Hernandez was biased. Prosecutor Thomas Binger said, "Have you ever posted anything on social media in support of Kyle Rittenhouse?" Hernandez replied, "One could say yes."

On Monday, jury instruction is expected to take at least 45 minutes. Then each side will have two-and-a-half hours apiece to make their final presentations, which will recap their cases and replay key videos.

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