Riding Your Motorcycle in Cool October Weather

After riding your motorcycle all summer, odds are you aren’t ready to give up riding just yet. Although fall is quickly approaching and the frigid winter months aren’t far behind, that doesn’t mean that you must go months without riding your motorcycle. Cool-weather motorcycling presents unique challenges, and it is important that you take the proper steps to stay safe on the road.

Get Your Bike Ready

The cool weather can lead to new safety hazards you don’t worry about during the summer months. Make sure you and your bike are prepared for any situation the cool weather may bring.

  • Do regular checks of the tires, brakes, suspension and chain.
  • Make sure that all mirrors, levers and switches are operating flawlessly.
  • Install a fairing windshield – or a larger windshield if already equipped – to help protect your upper body from frigid wind gusts.

Dress the Part

You will no longer want to feel the breeze as you are riding down the highway. It is important to dress right in order to keep your body safe from the cool air.

  • Wear a full-face riding helmet. Wearing a full-face helmet will ensure that you don’t lose heat through your head. Make sure to frequently inspect your helmet to make sure the headliner is intact, and vents can open and close.
  • Dress in layers! Wear a snug fitting motorcycle jacket with extra thermal protection such as a neck wrap to add extra warmth.
  • Wear riding pants or chaps that guard your legs against the cold. Aside from your face, legs are often the most exposed parts of the body.
  • Wear gloves to help retain heat in your hands, while still giving you range of motion to still utilize your clutch, brake and other gears on your bike.
  • Keep your clothes dry with waterproof gear! Ensuring that all your cool-weather gear is water-resistant will aid in wicking away the cold rain – or even snow – that may come your way during a late, fall ride.

Leaves Do More Than Just Fall

The trees changing colors and leaves falling are beautiful perks of fall. Although the colorful leaves are sights to see, they can also pose a safety hazard to riders.

  • Fallen, wet leaves can leave the road as slick as ice. Beware when turning corners and be sure that no leaves are stuck to your tires as they can lessen your traction.
  • Wet leaves can be a hazard if your boot contacts them when attempting to stop or maneuver around such as in a parking lot.
  • Fallen leaves can conceal important signs on the road, such as lane size and turn directions.

Fall weather is a great time for a motorcycle ride, but it is important that you take the proper precautions to stay safe. If you are ever in a motorcycle accident, call Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678 or ask any questions while visiting our 24/7 online chat feature.

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