Reward for finding Brazil Johnson's killer up to $28,000

NOW: Reward for finding Brazil Johnson’s killer up to $28,000

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two weeks after the high-profile murder of a transgender woman in Milwaukee, a big announcement was made today, July 1. The reward for information leading to an arrest has grown.

It's up to $28,000 now after a hefty investment from the Offices of Personal Injury Attorney Michael Hupy, who told us today what happened to Brazil Johnson can't be tolerated in society.

Milwaukee police have yet to find the twisted individual who shot this much-loved transgender woman multiple times, then left her for dead after mutilating her body.

"And that's what it is, it's a war right now out here and we're losing," said Tracey Dent, community activist.

Community activists are calling on Milwaukee to do the right thing -- break the code of silence.

"It should be eating up inside of you knowing that this family is suffering. This community is suffering," said Dent.

Attorney Michael Hupy with a similar plea, is backing his up with a financial incentive.

"Every year there's more violence, more murders, more shootings, more carjackings and we have to do something to stop it," said Attorney Michael Hupy.

It's a $25,000 reward. Earlier this week, Hupy handed a $50,000 check to the person whose tip solved the 2016 murder case of nine-year-old Za'Layia Jenkins, killed while sitting on her grandpa's lap watching TV.

"He helped the police solve the case. Three people went to prison and he got the reward," said Hupy.

Hupy says Brazil Johnson's killer needs to be brought to justice.

"It might have been a hate crime and there was no reason for anyone to kill her. It wasn't like there was a love triangle. It wasn't like business competitors. It sounded like someone just randomly decided to kill her and that isn't right," said Hupy.

In addition to Hupy's contribution, the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, Milwaukee Crime Stoppers and Cream City Foundation are each giving a thousand dollars to the reward fund.

"The death of Brazil Johnson is just absolutely a tragedy and one that flies in direct contradiction to all the things that we stand for, so it seems only natural that we put some money down to see that this, that the person responsible for this comes to justice," said DJ Guam of the Cream City Foundation.

Again, the reward is up to $28,000. You can remain anonymous by calling (414)-224-Tips or by using the P3 Tips App.

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