Retiring MPD Chief Flynn: "Conversation on rational public policy is in chaos"

NOW: Retiring MPD Chief Flynn: “Conversation on rational public policy is in chaos“

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has some strong criticism of local elected officials as he heads into his retirement - which will be effective February 16.

In an interview with CBS 58 he also shared a lot of positives about his time with the city including drops in areas of the violent crime rate and the integration of new technology.

But he says - personally - he's happy to be going back to his family in Arlington, Virginia.

"Well, my immediate plans after retirement are basically reconsolidate two households. Functionally my wife and I have been dating for the past ten years," Flynn said.

While that relationship is being reunited, his relationship with Milwaukee's Common Council might feel more like a messy divorce.

"I could literally in the morning go to a meeting with one committee and get lambasted because we weren't doing enough about crime and we should be more aggressive - and in the afternoon go to a different council subcommittee meeting because the police were being too aggressive about crime," Flynn said.

In his view, the conversation on rational public policy is in chaos. He says that the common council is dominated by people on the far right and the far left.

"There's a leadership vacuum right now that's resulting in a wide variety of directions, a wide variety of mutually exclusive demands of the police - and I fear it's going to have real consequences for the effectiveness of this police department in the short term," Flynn said.

Despite his departure, he says his relationship with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is still "good".

"But I really feel that he's going to have a tough time right now because the city council appears to be kind of knee-jerk in opposition to his administration," Flynn said.

Although he's spent ten years in Milwaukee - it's unclear if some of the Wisconsin culture will travel with him to Arlington.

"You have to understand the Packers were overwhelmingly my favorite my favorite NFC team and the Brewers were overwhelmingly my favorite National League Team. The but is that it's the Patriots and Red Sox," Flynn said.

"I can't help it. Sorry," Flynn said.

Flynn would not offer any speculation on who may replace him.

Full interview with retiring Police Chief Ed Flynn from CBS 58 News on Vimeo.

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