Residents Voice Their Concerns at Budget Listening Session

NOW: Residents Voice Their Concerns at Budget Listening Session

It's the largest budget in state history. Tonight, some state lawmakers heard from constituents about their concerns.

People filled a room at the Cudahy Family Library and one of the biggest topics was education.

Governor Scott Walker's Budget Proposal includes more than half a billion dollars for public schools. A change from years past as the governor has a history of cutting education funding.

State Senator Chris Larson says the bad news is that there is no increase for special education reimbursement.

"I think common sense shows and the facts show that students who have a disability are harder to teach, they take more attention, they take more resources, and so the funding should shift when you have a student that's harder to teach."

Larson says they do have a bill to fix that. Other discussion tonight focused on voucher schools and labor issues - such as cuts to the Equal Rights Division.

Tonight's event comes just days before the start of statewide public hearings on the budget.

The one in our area is next Wednesday, April 5th, at State Fair Park. Doors open at 8 a.m.

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