Residents still dealing with damages post storm

NOW: Residents still dealing with damages post storm

CEDAR GROVE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- While a few thousand people here in Milwaukee struggled with power after last night's storm, some of the worst of it hit the northern parts of Southeast Wisconsin.

Some people in Cedar Grove have been without power since Saturday night, they say while it'll be back on soon, it's been especially tough in this heat.

"Last night when the storm started up, the horizontal rain came, and opened up the front door and it just, the tree just fell right over, ripped our powerlines, ripped it right out of the side of our house," said Christie Bellin.

Christine Bellin said since then, her husband and her had to buy a generator, and have been cutting up the tree that fell themselves.

"We're waiting for the power company to come back out because we had to get an electrician to come back out to fix the wire," said Bellin.

WeEnergies officials said they've restored power to over 77,000 customers since Saturday's first round of storms, the worst of it in northern counties like Ozaukee.

"You know we had multiple rounds of really severe strong winds blow through that area," said WeEnergies spokesperson Alison Trouy.

She said if you are dealing with downed lines, do what the Bellins did and contact first responders and themselves.

"It can be incredibly dangerous, you should always assume it's energized, it can be deadly even so please stay back and give us a call so we can come safely take care of it," said Trouy.

The Bellins said with the tree out of the way they're just hoping they get to them sooner rather than later.

"We don't know what's going to happen, we just cleaned it out of their driveway for now so the power company can get up to access our house," said Bellin.

The Bellins said they're hoping the city can help clear some of these limbs in the coming days.

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