Reproductive rights protestors march on Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee

NOW: Reproductive rights protestors march on Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Demonstrators completely blocked off Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee Saturday, May 7, in a show of support for maintaining abortion rights in the United States.

This all comes after a leaked preliminary decision from the Federal Supreme Court, which showed the court favoring the overturning of
Roe vs. Wade, the precedent for abortion rights.

Hundreds gathered outside Planned Parenthood at the start of the protest from 12 different social organizations, including Planned Parenthood.

"Everyone here believes the right to have choice and voice over your own body," said Aurelia Ceja, one of the activists who helped organize.

She said it's about protecting a fundamental right that has been under attack for a long time.

"Whether that has been sterilization of undocumented women and black and brown women, or forcing them to have babies and not giving them reproductive control," said Ceja.

"It's important that we voice our opposition, because we are the voice of the majority, we are the voice of most people," said protestor Kelly Bolter.

It's an issue many demonstrators said steps into the realm of religious freedom as well.

A handful of protestors demonstrating against the right to an abortion were present, often citing Christianity in one way or another, one flag read 'Faith over Fear', others were on bullhorns telling people to repent.

Many protesters said voting pro-choice politicians is the easiest way to keep abortion safe and legal.

"Please vote, it has a huge impact, it's life and death for a lot of people," said Bolter.

Ceja said more direct action is needed.

"If this were simply a matter of voting for this to happen, it would've happened already, and we would've had the legislation so we're not thinking that the fight isn't something we're going to win by asking politicians, it's something we're going to win by showing up," said Ceja.

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