Report: Summerfest Plans to Replace Marcus Amphitheater

For decades, music fans have enjoyed some of the best singers and bands at the Marcus Amphitheater who will forget the Rolling Stones' appearance kicking off Summerfest last year?

Now comes word that changes are coming to the lakefront music venue.

Summerfest fans said their biggest concern is an increase in ticket prices because they said they don't mind the stages that are already here.

 According to the Biz Times there are plans to replace the Marcus Amphitheater.

The head of the organization which runs Summerfest told the Biz Times it's definitely in the future of the festival to have a new Amphitheater.

The Marcus Amphitheater is almost 30 years-old. The 22,000 seat venue was built in 1987.

Some festival goers said no matter what happens with the Amphitheater it won't change what Summerfest is all about bringing bands together so people can enjoy music.

According to the Biz Times article, there is no set timetable for when something new could be put in here at the Summerfest grounds and any new Amphitheater would be roughly the same size as the Marcus Amphitheater.

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