Report: Paul Ryan to retire in 2019

Report: Paul Ryan to retire in 2019

POLITICO reporter Tim Alberta released a report Thursday claiming House Speaker Paul Ryan plans to retire in 2019.

Paul Ryan dismissed the report in a press conference today. Ryan's office sent us this statement.

"This is pure speculation. as the speaker himself said today, he's not going anywhere any time soon."

Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker said he thinks Ryan will continue past 2018

"Paul and I talk frequently," Walker said. "So far he's talked about things moving the agenda forward. I just think he's going to continue to be in Congress."

Alberta told CBS 58 News he spoke with three dozen people close to Speaker Ryan.

"Nobody thinks that Ryan will be back after 2018. Again it just doesn't make sense to anybody that knows him. And as it has become clear to his very small inner circle recently, that Ryan is preparing to leave, and that he wants to leave after the 2018 midterm cycle."

Alberta said the potential to lose Republicans in the midterm election doesn't bode well for Ryan staying.
He also says Ryan told friends and family years ago, that he would leave once he passed tax reform. 

"Once tax reform is passed into law, he feels that he has achieved much of what he came her to achieve. And that it would certainly allow him to think much more concretely about hanging it up, and going back to Janesville, and spending that time with his friends and with his family, as he has talked about doing in recent years."

Alberta says it wouldn't make sense for Ryan to admit any retirement plans because he would lose his leverage and his funding on Capitol hill.

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