Report: CDC data shows some Americans skipping out on second vaccine dose

Report: CDC data shows some Americans skipping out on second vaccine dose

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Not everyone is returning to get their second Pfizer or Moderna shot, according to CDC data reported by national media outlets. 

According to CNN, data shows about 8 percent of Americans have missed the second dose, up from about 3.4 percent in March. 

Three weeks after giving patients their first dose at the Milwaukee Public Market, Hayat Pharmacy returned. 

"The majority of the chunk is the second doses," said Pharmacist Dimmy Sokajl. 

She says they've seen people not returning to their original vaccination site because they may be getting their second shot elsewhere. 

"Early, the state wanted the patients to go back to their original vaccination site, but that’s not the case anymore, the state’s asking the patient to go wherever they get access," she said. 

"We have people who we provide a first dose to who we don’t provide a second dose to. Thankfully it’s a very small percentage, probably lower than what’s been publicly reported, as far as averages go. What we don’t know is if they’ve gotten a second dose from somebody else," said Dr. Matt Anderson, senior medical director for primary care at UW Health. 

A CDC spokesperson told CNN that is also the case with the national data. If a person receives a second dose from a different reporting agency, they may not link together. 

"They’re just about all coming," said Jo Steinberg, CEO of Midland Health. She's been running vaccination clinics at Mequon City Hall.

 "I think a lot of people are saying they’d rather have a couple side effects knowing the side effects are coming for a day or two, than get really sick," she said. 

Dr. Matt Anderson with UW Health says it's important for people to get the second shot. He says they don't know the duration of immunity for just one shot and the second dose offers the most protection. 

"Getting that second dose is really important to make sure we hit that top immunity protection level."

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