Remembrance vigil for Laylah Petersen

Friday a remembrance vigil was held for 5-year-old Laylah Petersen, one year after her shooting death.

Police arrested three for the alleged revenge shooting, where suspects shot into the wrong house. The service was held at Lady of Hope Parish one day after her alleged killer, Arlis Gordon, was in court. Family and friends are stopping to remember how Laylah's loss changed the community this past year.

For family of Laylah Petersen comfort was being surrounded by loved ones.

Pastor Richard Schwoegler says, "Today is about the legacy of Laylah. Coming here tonight we remember the love she had for people."

Laylah, who was shot while sitting on her grandfathers lap, brought Milwaukee's Police Chief Ed Flynn to tears. One year later, Flynn sits at her service, with 3 suspects in her death now in jail.

"It was a year ago that we issued the call to those responsible for her death to also come to Jesus, they did not, but Jesus came to them."

Pastors say Laylah's death brought life to community movements --like adopt a neighborhood programs, and churches of different denominations uniting to address violence.

Pastor Schwoegler says, "Showing her face and other kids and saying these kids didn't in vein, there's a legacy that's going to be for each one of them. We're going to go out and reach the people we need to change the things in Milwaukee."

And pastors say change is needed so that no other family will ever have to live without their Laylah.

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