Remarkable Recovery & Duffels For Kids

It's a miraculous story of survival. Four-year-old Ja'Nyela Marsh-Highshaw was shot in the head in Racine in November. Doctors didn't think she'd make it, but she did. 

Ja'Nyela is out of the hospital now and recovering at home. During this episode of \"Racine & Me,\" viewers get an update on the young girl's condition as well as the status of the investigation. 

We also have a great update on a non-profit organization we featured last year on “Racine & Me.” Faith, Hope & Love just won $10,000 to help expand its Duffels For Kids program. We explain how the money will be used and how many kids the program has helped so far. 

We also feature a new bag, called a “BlastPack,\" that's helping kids have a blast with local law enforcement.

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