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Registered sex offender charged in new burglary and attack

GREENFIELD-A registered sex offender has been charged with attacking a woman in her home on August 27th.

John O'Brien,58, is charged with second degree sex assault and burglary.

The criminal complaint says the victim identified O'Brien from a photo line up after reporting the attack.

The victim described a prolonged attack where he forcibly removed her clothes and exposed himself.

She tried many times to fight him off but there was some sexual contact.

Then, she saw her opportunity to escape. As detailed in the criminal complaint:

\"..the defendant stopped and asked if they could take a bath. The victim stated yes, thinking this was an opportunity for her to possibly get up and run out of the house. The defendant allowed the victim out of the bathroom at one point for the victim to get wash cloths. The victim then used that opportunity to run out of the residence.\"

A doctor's report is due back September 16th, since the defense attorney raised concerns over O'Brien's competence.

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