Reducing red meat in your diet and adding more flavorful vegetable dishes

  It was startling when the World Health Organization likened red meat and processed foods to cigarettes when it comes to causing cancer.

Some doctors called it alarmist.

But it got many thinking of reducing meat from their diet.

The CBS 58 News at 4:30 p.m. in its continuing quest to go beyond the headlines and offer viewers real information they can use, brought in Barb Heinen to offer some advice.

Heinen is the owner of "Joyful Eats" on the border of Shorewood and Whitefish Bay. She is an holistic nutritionist and culinary expert.

First she explained that while a vegan avoids any animal product, a vegetarian will incorporate some eggs or cheese into their diet.

She said for those who think they could never pass on a steak or piece of chicken, Portobello mushrooms and egg plant when prepared right can provide that sense of satisfaction you'd expect from meat.

Heinen insists it's s not difficult. It's about combining herbs and spices and blending different vegetables together.

Her favorites are skillet dishes.

"It's a fast way to get food on the table," she explained.

Her top picks are tofu breakfast scramble. "It's a great breakfast change up from cereal and french toast. The other thing I like is you can eat as is or put it in a wrap and go."

Her other specialty is chick peas and curry. 

"I soak mine overnight, rinse them off well. Put them in pan of water with extra inches. I cook them a half hour, but taste them along the way to get them right. The best way we can improve health is by eating as close to the source as possible. Adding foods as close as their natural state as possible. Or buy products where somebody else has done the homework."

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