Red Cross looking for more volunteers after multiple fires across Wisconsin

Red Cross workers all across Wisconsin are putting out an urgent call for help. A series of fires across the state has taxed their systems -- with many people in need of help.

The fire department arrives first whenever there's a fire, but not long after, the Red Cross workers arrive on scene.

Especially when there's people who need help. That's part of its mission, but lately the organization has been overwhelmed. Over the past week more than 70 people across Wisconsin have been displaced because of 21 fires. There were four fires in 24 hours in Milwaukee. Many of the people living in those homes or apartments are left with nothing. Now they have to figure out what to do next.

\"Putting up in hotels and shelters, taking care of their immediate needs,\" Red Cross representative Barbara Behling said. \"With everywhere from food and clothing to transportation.\"

The Red Cross can also help people put together a recovery plan if they lose their home.

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