Record rainfall ravages Dodge County

NOW: Record rainfall ravages Dodge County

It was cleanup time Wednesday in Mayville following a record rainfall in Dodge County that brought nearly 10 inches of rain to some areas between Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Mayville Public Works was trying to get uprooted trees and even docks out of the Rock River dam.

“Once the trees get under the dam we have to open them all the way,” Jack Hurst said.

Residents tried to fish appliances out of underwater basements.

“My washer and dryer is underwater," resident Ron Yerges said. "Furnace is half underwater. I haven’t had a chance to put out the pilot light. Can’t get to the breaker box.”

Students are picking up fish that made their way to the backyard of St. John’s Lutheran school, which closed so the community could get the water out.

“I’m happy that I got to work at the school, but I'm kind of sad that I'm helping myself go back to school tomorrow,” student Trey Janzen said.

Most roads are back open by Wednesday night, but sections of Highway 28 were still closed.

Dodge County Emergency Management says drivers still need to be mindful of potential water on roads.

 “Turn around, don’t drown," Dodge County EMA director Amy Nehls said. "Water can move very swiftly and overcome a person or a car pretty quickly.”

There is more rain expected, and Nehls said they will be closely monitoring the water level in the Rock River.

“Anyone who has concerns, any residents that live rivers and have concerns about flooding can contact their local elected official or their EM to ask about sandbags.”

Even if the rain stops, city residents have their work cut out for them.

“We’ll be working on this for probably two weeks,” Hurst said.

Nehls added that if you do have flood damage in your basement, it’s important to take pictures and report damage as soon as possible to your insurance company and local officials.

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