Rally is held in Racine against recent ICE raids

NOW: Rally is held in Racine against recent ICE raids

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) --  A protest and march against Immigration Customs Enforcement or ICE was held in Racine Tuesday morning.

Dozens of people rallied outside of the Law Enforcement Center, many of whom were teens.

“It’s important for all of us to be out here because it’s time to put a stop to ICE and tell them they can’t keep tearing families apart,” says Luis Tapia, a 17-year-old undocumented teen.

Tapia says he and many others in Racine now live in constant fear. While Tapia’s family has not been personally impacted by the recent raids, he says neighbors and friends have been.

“We have five proven number of people that have been taken,” says Linda Boyle, co-president of Racine’s Interfaith Coalition.

A spokesperson from ICE tells CBS 58 they couldn’t release information about the arrests, but says officers are out following federal law and agency policy.

“None of them, that we know of, have any criminal record,” says Boyle of the five recent detainments. “We are very concerned that ICE is spending time on our valuable citizens rather than picking up the criminals and the drug dealers”.

“I’ve never had an encounter with ICE and now that they’re here, in my city where I’ve been almost my entire life, it’s scary”.

Organizers say they will continue these rallies throughout the country to raise awareness and have their voices heard.

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