Rainy then cool: Unpleasant start to Wisconsin State Fair

Rainy then cool: Unpleasant start to Wisconsin State Fair

After a rainy start to the Wisconsin State Fair, cooler temperatures and drizzling are impacting the fair for the second day.

Despite the cooler temperatures and rainy weather fairgoers have been showing up in sweatshirts and rain jackets, ready to brave the chill in the air.

Those attending the State Fair say nothing's going to stop them from getting their cream puffs and fair food, “The weather doesn’t matter, it’s just a fun experience and we’re meeting some folks here and there’s some indoor stuff if it rains but otherwise it’s fine,” said Steve Paquin of Dousman.

Kylee Brammer of Milwaukee added, “The cold doesn’t really bother me that much so I wasn’t too bummed, but I would’ve liked it to be nicer."

CBS 58 has reached out to the State Fair to see if Thursday’s rain impacted first day attendance numbers but they don’t have those numbers just yet.

Judging by Friday's turnout, it doesn’t look like the weather is going to stop people from coming by.

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