Rainfall Record on This Date Last Year

NOW: Rainfall Record on This Date Last Year

We've been advertising rain chances today. So far only some communities are getting a drink of water, and it certainly won't add up to the totals we had last year on this date.

 The data shows we had rain and storms with plenty of rain tallying up in the ole rain bucket. We continued with additional light rain into the following day recording .03". Overall last August was a wet one. We measured 5.68" of rain on 13 rain days, which left us a surplus of 1.71". The average rainfall is just under four inches. This month has been a different story. To date Milwaukee has picked up 1.83" of rain on 7 rain days. We are running .72" behind on rain for what is our rainiest month of the year per the averages. We still have a little rain around at this time, check it out
 Looks like any showers will clear by the evening commute with drier, milder air filtering in for the rest of the week.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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