Rain showers a much-needed boost for region's farmers

NOW: Rain showers a much-needed boost for region’s farmers

WEST BEND, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Rain arriving this week is a welcomed sign of hope for farmers in southeastern Wisconsin.

But the effects of cold snaps earlier in the season and the ongoing drought conditions have led to concern.

"We've been talking about the dry weather, they've been worried about the crops, if they'll turn out if there will be anything there but we all help each other, and listen to each other and hope for the best," farmer Allan Schmidt told CBS 58.

Schmidt grows hay and beans for livestock throughout the region. He showed CBS 58 how the drought affected parts of his crops.

Schmidt said the arriving rain is putting him and other farmers in a better position.

"The rain that we do have isn't a million-dollar rain, it's a billion-dollar rain," Schmidt said. "I think that the rain that we do have now will help all the farmers have a successful year."

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau told CBS 58 the rain this week is good news, but more is needed for long-term benefits.

"The little rain that we do have now is really important but we need timely rains throughout the season," WFB president Kevin Krentz said in an interview. "We are still in a drought situation and again, it's maintaining, it's getting us by for now but we need timely rains."

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