Germantown School District says students involved in racist act will face 'consequences'

NOW: Germantown School District says students involved in racist act will face ’consequences’

GERMANTOWN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Two weeks after the Germantown school board banned a teaching model examining race, four students are being disciplined for taking part in a racist act.

At a packed school board meeting Monday, April 26, many parents demanded the board reconsider.

Last week, four students were walking around the high school wearing paper crowns from Burger King.

It wasn't until another student explained to the district the subtext behind those crowns that led to an investigation.

"Seeing these kids going around our school with these Burger King hats, indicating that video which was really disgusting," said Germantown High School Junior Aaron Grant.

Grant is referring to a video that went viral in last October, of a man's racist tirade on a flight while wearing a Burger King crown.

Internet racists then made the man's image and his language infamous.

"Nobody's been wearing those Burger King hats since forever," said Grant.

When he saw four students wearing the hats, he wanted something done.

"I'm tired of the racism that's going around in our school and nothing's really happening," said Grant.

He said he told the principal, guidance counselors and his coach. The district sent an email to parents explaining what had happened, saying consequences will occur. An email to staff encouraged them to make this a teachable moment.

School district statistics show the high school student body is 80-percent white.

"This incident is disgusting and cannot happen again, the incident highlights that we continue to have opportunities in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion," said School Board President Bob Soderberg.

He said the district must do better in both the schools and the community.  

"None of this stuff is funny, racism isn't funny, any kind of hate towards any, any culture, is not funny at all," said Grant.

The superintendent said the investigation into last week's incident has finished.

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