Racine woman gets her driveway back

RACINE-- A local woman trapped in her driveway by a road project, has gotten her driveway back.

Jennifer Nehmer's home is along Taylor Avenue in Racine, where a large road renovation project has been going on for three months.

The ramps to all the driveways along Taylor Avenue were removed in order to fix the road, but when crews started to put the ramps up again along the curve, they skipped hers.

Nehmer was told her driveway was not considered legal in the city because it is in front of her house and not to the side of the house.

But Nehmer fought it. She had been living in the house for 9 years and prior to that, her in-laws lived in it for 42 years, but the driveway was never an issue.

Racine Alderman Greg Helding looked further into it, along with the city engineer. As it turned out, this was an issue that was grandfathered in because the driveway was built in 1972, prior to the new zoning code.

\"If you built something that was legal when they built it, the city can't come in and change it... that just wasn't inmediately clear and had we discovered it earlier in the project, it wouldn't have been as big a deal,\" said Alderman Helding.

Nehmer tells CBS 58 she's very glad it all worked out. Alderman Helding says the driveway should be back to normal by Monday.

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