Racine Woman Charged with Neglect for Ignoring Severe Burns on Toddler's Leg

A Racine woman has been charged with neglect after her 18-month-old daughter suffered severe burns.

The burns were found on the toddler’s inside and outside of her legs.

According to the criminal complaint, the burns did not look accidental.

The woman told police she had been straightening her extensions with a flat iron and placed the hot flat iron on a dry towel on the floor.

The toddler was seated next to the iron and the woman left and went to the bathroom.

While in the bathroom she could hear the toddler scream.

The flat iron was stuck on the child’s leg.

She allegedly contacted the father of her child on Facebook to take the toddler to the hospital.

The next day she met the father the next day and told him to take the toddler to the hospital because she “had things to do.”

The father told her he would take the toddler to the hospital and when she picked up the toddler she had her leg wrapped in gauze.

She was allegedly not given instructions on how to care for the burn.

Four days after the incident the child was running a fever and coughing so she took the toddler to urgent care.

The grandmother of the toddler told police she learned about the burn on Saturday when the woman posted on Facebook “my poor baby burned her leg.”

The mother of the child was charged for not attempting to call rescue for the significant burns sooner. 

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