Racine Police Issue Warning About Replica Guns After Recent Encounter Almost Turns Tragic

The Racine Police Department are issuing a warning regarding fake guns after responding to multiple calls for service involving replica handguns. According to the Racine Police Department, the weapons encountered on such calls were remarkably detailed and realistic in size and appearance.

According to police, over the past 6 months, officers have been successful in safely diffusing potentially dangerous encounters that involve replica handguns. 

Officers responded to an incident today where a similar incident played out. According to the Racine Police Department, they encountered an individual who was in close proximity to a replica handgun. As opposed to following officers' commands, the subject quickly lunged for the item in order to physically secure the handgun so that he could display it to officers to verify that the weapon was not lethal but a well-made replica. 

At the very last possible moment, officers were able to prevent the subject from physically accessing the weapon. According to Sgt. Malacara, had this individual taken possession of this item and proceed to face officers during this tense encounter (as was his intent), the outcome could have been tragic.

According to Sgt Malacara, based on the circumstances involved in this case, the probability of deadly force being used was extremely high. However, the officers involved prevented a tragic outcome.

The Racine Police Department would like the public to be aware of the following safety and public awareness tips:

  • Parents should be aware of the presence of replica weapons in the home
  • The blaze orange safety identifiers on the barrels of such weapons should NEVER be removed
  • Teenagers, students, and young children should not be allowed to take such items to school or otherwise have such items in their possession outside of adult supervision
  • Parents or guardians who allow their children to own or possess such weapons should take time to offer proper education on the dangers of ownership
  • When coming into contact with law enforcement personnel, always obey police commands, display empty hands as directed, and NEVER reach for a weapon (real or replica) in the presence of an officer.

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