Racine Police investigating after man shot in head over Thanksgiving weekend

NOW: Racine Police investigating after man shot in head over Thanksgiving weekend

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Racine Police say the man shot in the head on Saturday night survived his injuries. Neighbors say the bullet only grazed him.

Investigators say the bullet came through a wall in his apartment. The question now is was someone trying to hit him?

A spokesperson for the Racine Police Department says they have not made any arrests related to this case.

Officers responded to the apartment building at 2222 Mt. Pleasant Street just after 8 p.m. on Saturday.

One tenant, Rebecca Cunningham, said the night of the shooting was chaotic.

"And I heard this huge bang noise. It sounded like someone dropped a ton of metal out in the hallway," Cunningham said.

"And we heard the group of police come into the building. And we heard them screaming and we heard them kick the door down. And it's just two doors down the hall from where our house is," Cunningham said.

A wooden board now covers the entrance to the door across the hall from the apartment where a man was shot in the head. Police say the bullet was fired somewhere in the building and traveled through the walls before hitting the unnamed victim - who's expected to be okay.

"Like I'm kind of shocked something like that ever happened over here. I've been in this building for six years," Shaffon Seay, another tenant, said.

"I was nervous. I just thank God that me and my son wasn't at home that night," Seay said.

"Yeah, he's nervous. He was scared to walk to school today. He was kind of cautious about going in the basement. it's just crazy," Seay said.

Cunningham agreed.

"My little one won't stop talking about it. Any loud noise he hears he wants to know if the bad guys are trying to get in," Cunningham said.

"The thing that is really bothering me is I'm not getting answers from anybody as to what's going on. Is there still a shooter that they're looking for? Was it an inside thing? Was it something from outside? It's just ridiculous," Cunningham said.

The building is about a block away from Horlick High School.

CBS 58 did approach the people living in the boarded up apartment. People inside the apartment did not want to say anything about what happened.

The apartment where the man was shot in the head was empty on Monday evening.

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