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Racine Parents Upset After Survey Asks Students About Their Sexual Orientation

Young teens being asked their sexual identity on a school survey. We first told you about the questions Wednesday night on the CBS 58 news at 10 and how parents were not happy the Racine Unified School District had asked students to participate in the questionnaire.

Only CBS 58 talked with a student who says she was uncomfortable with the questions.

While parents understand the goal of the anonymous survey is to help provide better services for students, some are crying foul, saying the questions aren't appropriate for children this young. 

"I was blown away. I don't think its appropriate for my daughter's age. She's 12. I don't think she understands half the things they were going to ask," said Nichole Kroes, a mother of five children. 

She says, like many other parents, she got a letter from the district asking her 12-year-old daughter to participate in a survey with personal questions, but it gave no indication just how personal those questions were. 

"It was talking about transgender, male to female, female to male. use of drugs. I felt it was inappropriate," she said. 

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This is the question parents are taking issue with on Facebook: asking to students to describe their gender and sexual orientation. 

"I don't think my daughter would truly understand if she was gay, bisexual, transgender," said Kroes. 

And questioned their use of drugs and alcohol. Questions that 12-year-old Jordan says many of her peers can't answer honestly. 

"They don't know what bisexual is. They don't know what drugs are towards people or what they can do, or alcohol. I don't think they understand because I don't really understand most of those things," said Jordan Rissley. 

But the Racine Unified School District told us "there was a script to …let students know they can skip questions….Or stop at any time. "
And on Facebook some parents are applauding the effort saying "I'm glad the school system is proactive in determining what needs the children might have."

Still, mom Nichole says this is exposing her children to subjects that aren't age appropriate, and would prefer the lessons on these uncomfortable subjects happen at home. 

"When the time comes and they do want to ask about drugs, be straight up front, don't sugarcoat it," she said. 

Racine Unified also pointed out they've been administering this survey for years and they're one of many districts in the area to do so. 

Here is a link to the survey: 



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