Racine officer facing charges for 2015 arrest at Park High School

NOW: Racine officer facing charges for 2015 arrest at Park High School

RACINE (CBS 58) – A Racine Police Officer is now charged with using excessive force against a Park High School student back in 2015.

The Kenosha District Attorney’s Office is handling the case and charged Brinelle Nabors with a felony and two misdemeanors for assaulting the student more than two years ago.

The incident happened in November of 2015 in the school’s cafeteria. Nabors and another officer believed the student threw away a bottle of cough syrup mixed with juice, also known as “lean.”

The criminal complaint says Nabors slammed the 14-year-old boy to the floor and against some lockers.

The complaint also says Nabors punched the student after he was handcuffed. The student went to the hospital later that night for injuries to his head, back, and neck.

Nabors says the student was resisting and maintains he acted appropriately.

“Officer Nabors represented on two different occasions and consistently, that he felt resistive tension and was reacting to what he felt,’ said Nabors’ attorney, Patrick Cafferty.

“I view your argument primarily as matters of defense, as opposed to the heart of probable cause. As you all know as the state of the proceedings, I going to give every liberal inference to the state, as far as your allegations. There are allegations supporting the three counts contained in the complaint. I do rule that probable cause existed."

Nabors has been on paid leave since December 2015. His preliminary hearing is May 23.

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